About Me

Hi my name is Edelcita, call me Edel for short. 
I studied Multimedia back in 2002 where it has inspired me to take photos. I didn't invest in a camera back then as I was travelling most of the time. My preference on travelling light has made the iPhone sufficient enough to take photos especially when I go on a layover working for Emirates flying around the world. Even when I took my kid for a holiday in Europe I thought having a little kid with me carrying a heavy equipments won't be ideal. Now I realised I should have a proper photo of him when his eyes glistened seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris for the first time, the aurora borealis and so many beautiful things in Reykjavik Iceland. 
So I started taking photography seriously back in 2018 when I organised a local fashion show here in Perth called the Fashion Project. A photographer has cancelled on me the last minute. As an event organiser I had to do something about it so I quickly bought a crop sensor camera and started playing with it. Another photographer for such event forwarded the photos a month after. Luckily I have already took few good ones to post on social media. 
My first International shots as a photographer was in Cambodia for the Miss Planet International pageant. It was more of a collab thing as I went there as a National Director for the Australian candidate.
Anyway I have met a lot of photographers in the modelling industry who has helped me improve my skills. I am forever grateful to them for they are also supporters of my events that I run. If you ever have a chance please do check Models and Pageant - a licensed modelling agency run by me. So you would see most of my work are portrait of models. I don't limit myself to only taking photos of models. I have done weddings, maternity, events, birthdays, corporate, boudoir, products, social media content, family and more. 
I'm also a qualified makeup artist and currently studying fashion design and merchandise. If you need help in this area let me know.
I shoot canon cameras in studio or outdoors. I can go to any location as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any project or photo requirements you may have. Can't wait to capture memories with you.